Before You Know It

Fatigue is the body’s way of dusting the furniture, but who dusts their furniture any longer?  Why, even Grandma had those nifty, plastic sheets covering every stitch of fabric in a small room adjacent to the kitchen.

And in the kitchen everything was so sturdy that should a gang fight break out, it would be hard to lift the chairs.

All of this was a distraction from the powerful aromas of veal chop pan seared in butter and then smothered in a red sauce so that when it was served the meat fell off the bone with just a slight tug from a fork.

Nowadays, we continue the tradition of this Italian-American way of doing things although some nights we turn to our Southern forebears and have jerked chicken or pigeon peas.

Before you know, the past has been called up and the fatigue of memory sets in.

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