Writing Weather

Writing weather what with overcast skies and a steady rain, but I’ll be on the road to Perdition.  Only they’ve changed the name to Beverly.  That’s OK, it’s all OK, how could it be otherwise?  I mean, honestly: When the sands shift beneath your feet there isn’t any point in demanding firm ground.

Following Beverly, I’m going to light for the Territories.  They say a man who’s willing to work hard can make it out West and, for darn-tooting, I’m about to find out if them pundits are telling the truth.

Meanwhile, the news from the front could be better.  I hear tell that the blond morels won’t be available after this Friday so I’m putting in my order today.  The Celtics face Melo tonight and how good will that be?  Not very, I suspect.  Doom and gloom, doom and gloom.

Thank goodness for the rain.  It’s nature’s way of shuffling the deck.

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