I Hear You Knocking

The tangle of nature, its bursting and chaos and abundance, are definitely fervent, no doubt about that, and I’m not saying that this isn’t my favorite season, when it is, but, gee, could the changes take a week or two rather than daily?  Do the buds have to turn to fruit so swiftly?  Must the chestnut tree’s leaves suddenly be as big as the palm of a pro in the NBA?

It’s all inspiring, and it is good, I’ll admit, to feel as if one must keep up with the tumult.  Still, what’s the rush?

In response to the madness, I’ve been reading more: “Tonio Kroger,” mentioned by Jenni Diski in a review of a book.  It’s been awhile since I read Mann, and I forgot his genius for detail.

I’ve also been drawn to high fat foods: Pizza, subs, croissants, quiche, burgers.  The rush that comes from these fatty, salty foods seems to match Spring’s velocity.

And of course writing: A big company just hired me to write copy for their website; events for my recent book coming up in NYC and Chicago; stories about the passing of batons.

At this rate, pretty soon it’ll be winter.

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