“That’s enough, Janice.”

It’s Mother’s Day, and thanks to Wanamaker’s in Philadelphia for getting this holiday off the ground over a century ago with the sale of carnations and subsequent gifts within the Methodist fold and inspired by Anna Jarvis whose original intent was for mothers on both sides of the Civil War to gather annually in small groups to talk about their dead sons.

Nowadays, we’re talking brunch.  Plop down, plunk down the $39 p.p., eat until you’re silly, and throw back mimosas or bloody Mary’s.

Speaking of mothers, there is that favorite scene from the Sopranos in which Tony and his sister are in a reception room of a funeral home surrounded by mobster friends and family to honor the death of their mother.  People hold drinks and glower.  Janice bangs a glass and says, this being a New Age, “Let’s all say something nice about ma.”  Silence.  “OK, I’ll start,” she says.  She says something like: “Ma always thought first about the family.  You always knew where she stood, etc.”  As she speaks, the mobsters look as if they are getting angrier.  Tony’s face gets dark and constricted.  When Janice is done speaking, she says, “OK, who’s next?”  Tony steps in front of her: “OK, that’s enough, Janice.”

Not a Hallmark moment.

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