I’m Not Going To Talk About Food

OK, I’ll talk about food.

So I’m in NYC for a few days to give a talk @ the Institute for Culinary Education (ICE) with Paul Liebrandt on what it means to be a chef.  Few chefs have Paul’s depth of knowledge, sense of humor, or ability to articulate his views.  I interviewed him for about 90 minutes, largely unscripted, before a large group of students.

Prior, last night, after a long train ride made up of ingesting a huge chicken parm sub from Al’s–I won’t do that again for a variety of reasons–writing, and napping, I arrived in town to stay at my friend G’s apartment.  I have learned a great deal from her about the restaurant industry, and now as she ventures forth to open her first restaurant, look forward to learning even more.

Dinner at Carmellini’s new restaurant Lafayette: Goose foie, dorade, fries, egg & trotters & asparagus.  Not sure quite to make of it all, but loved the room and service and foie.

After the talk today: Roberta’s, of Brooklyn, set up shop with a bunch of other places, on 23rd & MAD for the month of May: Wow, is that good pizza or what?

Tonight: Il Buco.  Looking forward to it.

No more talk about food!

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