Il Buco di Alimentari

Having arranged to meet a friend at Il Buco last night, I made my way down Great Jones easily.  I’d been spooked the night before when getting off at Astor Place I went uptown rather than down and in a haste to meet another friend ended up taking a cab a few blocks.

TMI, I know.

Anyhow, at the bar at Il Buco four guys were finishing a bottle of wine, probably not their first, and loudly talking nonsense punctuated with swears.  The bartender was annoyed and asked them to quiet down and they quarreled with her.  I offered meager support, not wanting stitches, and things quieted down, and she squeezed my hand.

They seated Shoko and me at a long, good table up front at which Chuck Close was also seated.  Shoko saw her former colleague Grant Achatz amble in.  He’s by far the best chef of his generation.  He was with Francis Lam, who I know, and then we ate.

Shaved foie gras on toasted brioche, in-house salumi, and fried artichokes followed by house made oricchiette with a bit of sausage.  Folks, I’ll be back.  We’re talking simple, delicious food served unpretentiously.

Let’s see how Lupa compares today.  Different food, I know: Roman versus northern style…

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