On the Road

It’s early morning and the view from the huge glass windows is of tarmac and a half dozen planes.  The lounge is relatively quiet, and there are ten people doing what one does in settings like this: Lounging.  CNN is faintly audible on two screens.  There’s a bar area, and recently a man got a couple of alcohol drinks despite it being just after 8 A.M.

The food and drink are white flour bagel like objects, yoghurt, V-8, and coffee that can’t be drunk because it is bitter.

This is the way to Chicago.  I’m presenting a talk on “Back of the House,” tomorrow, Sunday morning, at 10 A.M., which is prime time if you’re in A.A., but given where I’m going, with revelers up all night before, means it’ll probably be me and a big empty room.

Which leaves today and tomorrow to explore a city I was once in about 35 years ago for 24 hours.

I have one restaurant reservation for tomorrow night–Blackbird–and the names of a few deep dish pizza joints.  The Cubs and White Sox are at the bottom of the stats so going to a game isn’t likely.

Fortunately, there is a gym at the hotel and I have Algren and Dreiser with me and there’s lots of writing to be done.


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