Another Day, Another Mushroom

A long, wonderful day yesterday on the road from hotel to T.V. station to airport to airport again to airport again.  The limo fetched me at ten and the driver had on a radio station and the song was by The Stones: “Satisfaction,” and I asked him if he had it playing each time he let someone in the car, and he didn’t get the joke, but he laughed anyway as he could see I was trying to be pleasant.

It was a fine car, a Lincoln, and the water bottle and mints were fresh.

I had to give “tips” during the three minute interview on WGN.  I gave tips.  The host was lots of fun.  The station was huge, filled with studios, one of which was a place where “Bozo the Clown,” had one of many franchises.  Bozo was sold as a franchise, and stations that bought the format, as WGN did, had their own actors, scripts, and so on.

Here’s a link to my interview:

I had thought that there would be food at the airport, but the place I had in mind was in a different terminal than the one I was exiting from so it was a matter of vodka and crackers, which is a good thing if you are hungry.

By the time we reached Atlanta, the hunger had become a preoccupation and Dreiser’s, “The Titan,” wasn’t enough of a distraction, but fortunately a BBQ place had a foothold there and pulled pork and onion rings and a double gin later, and things settled down quickly.

And today?  MORELS arrived from a friend in Idaho who picked them on Sunday.  A big box.  So we’re talking morels, ramps, asparagus, risotto, and duck breast.

Another day, another mushroom.


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