Today was the one day of the year: A doughnut at Dunks!  I didn’t plan it, one shouldn’t, and it was like: Yes, the stars have converged, this is the time!  A medium iced black and an Old Fashioned, the reading of an article about the insidiousness of the Chinese government’s business practices globally (think destruction of labor, adulteration of products, cheap goods putting companies that charge more out of business), and some fat, white asparagus spears and let’s face it: It’s gonna be a good day.

I’m not saying that my mood was created by watching the Pacers demolish the Heat last night, but it helped.

I’m not saying that watching, “Frances Ha,” did it, but it helped.

I’m not saying that the pizza from “Otto” (Portland-based, not NYC) did it, but it helped.  Funny about that pizza: It’s new to Boston and it’s light years better than every other place in town except Santarpio’s and Galleria Umberto.  What does that tell you?

Probably the best thing was finishing the second story in what could be a longer work about families.  Now that’s inspiring: Because today it’s got to be the book proposal on rice!

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