One of Those Days

Ever have one of those days?  You know what I’m talking about: First, the host of a national radio show mines your book and kills the piece and uses the data to inform a subsequent interview with a well-known chef.  Then your All In One 7310 printer has a carriage misfeed and the alignment is off and no matter what you do it doesn’t work.  And last night?  103-84?  Tim Duncan, please come home!  I’ll tell you: There’s no end to it.

But then, like Quasimodo: Redemption!

I finish the third chapter of what seems to the head of a water snake rising from the calm surface to become, who knows, maybe something substantive.  Then: Staples opens at 8 A.M. so the printer can be replaced for $99 and not the $500 the original cost some years ago.  Finally, the next game is in San Antonio and we know the Spurs can do this.

On top of it all, it’s been morels, porcini, and a sole black truffle commencing Friday with enough of these goodies to last several more nights.  We’re talking risotto, penne, a roasted chicken from PA, creamy Yukons, etc.

So, you see, 24 hours goes by and we start again.

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