Rain, Glorious Rain

I don’t know when the downpour started, nor will I try to find out, all I know is that when I came downstairs and opened the front door that the two big black dogs looked as if they were puzzled and annoyed by the pressing need to go out.  The walk went quickly as the dogs do not like getting wet, whether it’s from the sky or on the ground in puddles they sidestep with all the grace of a WWF champion.

Last night, before the rains, the mushroom and black truffle festival was in full swing: Hot tomato soup and a pan seared porcini.  Y’know, I had no idea how easy and fast it was to make tomato soup.  Now I know.  You fry up a sliced onion in good olive oil, add six chopped tomatoes, salt and pepper, and then a cup of stock when the tomatoes have reduced.  I used miso soup stock.  Then put in a food processor.  The whole thing took about two minutes of prep and twenty minutes of idle cooking.  Top with pan seared sliced porcini.  I mean, hello?  Could it be any better?  Next up were tiny tubes of pasta boiled and then tossed in miso soup stock, tossed with grated Gruyere, and then topped with grated Parmesan and some sliced black truffle.

With the rains today, the big car wash event is, sadly, off the books.  So it’ll just be Sunny, my new best friend with scissors, and Sicilian slices and later?  Later we’re talking American ribeye waygu, porcini, Robuchon taters & black truffles and red wine.


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