Rich Past, Rich Future

Mind you, the three candy bar sized golden colored stones with the names of three Jews deported from Prague and who were murdered in 1942, one of whom was an 11 year old girl, hardly set things straight in terms of observing accurately.  The tiny memorial with etched names of the presumed parents and child was in front of a gaily colored apartment building now housing, on its first floor, some luxury outfit, and was also around the corner from the famous  synagogues, now museums, of the city.

Those museums attract visitors from all over the world who want to see the five synagogues and heaped graveyard  to recreate in their thoughts and imagination the lives of people whose lives are now defined by the murders noted.  Oh, that and the illustrious career of Kafka.

Anyhow, the city is now enjoying a revival.  Last night I strolled to an open market and later enjoyed good Neapolitan pizza.  Today I took a funicular up the hills of Mala Strana to a monastery where delicious micro-brew beer, including an IPA is being served.  The city has yet to open a restaurant with an array of drafts and great Czech food; it’s great Czech food and Urquell or great beer and OK food.

So it’s back to Italian tonight.

The future is bright, and I suspect that there won’t be any more candy sized stones in the future.

Just great Czech food and great beer on draft in the same place.

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