Right, so preoccupations aside about matters more dire, much more dire, about which nothing more will be said later, the view from the narrow wooden balcony is of a massif snow covered and now, as we approach early evening, nearly shrouded in clouds as masking as the many black burkhas I saw today.

It was a first day, a get acquainted day, and perfect weather for long walks, a fact apparent to droves of people, so we walked from Muerren to Lauterbrunnen to a cable car station and then up to Gimmelwald and then by foot back to Muerren. All in all, about four hours in motion plus the picnic of Bundnerfleisch and Gruyere and then, back in Muerren, cold drafts and soup.

It’s about as remote as one can be in this part of the world, and no wonder that people have been coming here for centuries when frazzled.  Puts things in perspective.  The mountains have a natural architectural grandeur and so tied to them the petty frailties can briefly appear microscopic.


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