Back in Boston

I know what you’re thinking, but while I’m upset about the Paul Pierce trade, I also realize that it was necessary to build the team and think of the future.  And there are other things about Boston that help me get through this difficult trade.

For one thing, Shake Shack is opening in Harvard Square.  Along with Tasty Burger, that makes two really wonderful places where you can eat ground beef on rolls.  And Just Crust took over the spot of Upper Crust!  Last night I enjoyed a delivery of a perfect, thin sausage pizza.  With a Mint Julep and the latest Bruce Willis “Die Hard?”  Perfect.  The movie had the bonus of a nod to my hometown of Plainfield, New Jersey, where the Willis character said he was from.

Indeed, Boston is enjoying a number of new and renovated pizza and burger places.  From those mentioned to the new Batali pizzeria opening soon on the Waterfront.  And, in addition, several other restaurants are opening up or have opened where you can enjoy pork in big portions, from innards to feet.

Who needs fish, vegetables, or pan-Asian food when there are pizza and burgers?


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