Rice, Rice, & More Rice

It was another marvelous day in Dudley Square: Sun shining, police sirens still, wary glances, struts, alienation, the only mysteries those from within.  I mean the reality was obvious and–dare I say it?–grim or depressing.  You try not working, you try waiting for that knock on the door.

The good news was my piece on rice in certain Asian cultures that appeared yesterday: http://foodthinkers.com/articles/rice-a-symbol-you-can-eat.

I’ll tell you: There are those who find their feelings and emotional life to be spellbinding and a source of endless fascination.  Their feelings are a circumnavigation, both in terms of what they feel regarding their position in the world and how they connect to others.  This means that they don’t differentiate adequately between themselves and others, and it leads to endless drama, which breaks up the boredom and despair of the implicit loneliness of a perspective based chiefly on self examination.

Then there are others who prefer to observe and remove themselves from situations: To see structures, like architecture, or take in the emotions and thoughts of what is around.  That’s what the Japanese did in the late 19th century to avoid the rapaciousness of the West; they sent global missions to cherry pick the best and most advanced machinery, strategies, and military techniques.  It was an unemotional task, and it was an ironic twist on passivity.

Knock, knock, knock.




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