Hitting the Bars

After the Ron Carter performance last night, his second and mine as well, it was time to hit PARK for a quick Manhattan in a room filled with folks in their twenties.  Everyone was drinking, no one was eating, and the guys were on the prowl in Thrift store clothing while the women gathered in groups of twos or threes looking as if they were about to hit the runway.  It all looked a lot like a high school dance with alcohol served.

Sensible not to eat @ PARK though the drinks and day to day atmosphere are stellar.  Here it was pan seared king salmon, bone in, 1/2 pound for two, served with risotto cooked in a miso broth and served with fresh chanterelles, English peas, and shucked corn kernels and grated Parmigiano.

Today it’s more of the same: Big eye tuna is on the menu, to be preceded by, “Consider the Fork,” a book about technology and food.  The writer is Bee Wilson, whose essays in The London Review of Books I love for the precision of language, humor, and ability to rope in seemingly disparate elements that she observes shrewdly have affiliation.  I’m a huge fan, too, of science.  A comedian I heard recently noted that religion changes what it says based on scientific discoveries and not the other way around.  That makes sense.  I say if we are going to use religion to guide our experiences then we should cut to the chase and paint our bodies and chant to the stars.


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