It Gets Better and Better

Iced coffee from beans roasted at Porto Rico on Bleecker, a full day of nothing but fun, and suddenly the dog days of summer, when things are wilting, seem to be a time when anything is possible.  Don’t you just love delusions?

Last night it was bone-in Coho, tonight it’ll be bone-in halibut.  Last night it was fresh morels, tonight it’ll be fresh chanterelles.  And Sunday?  Why, who knows?

It’s a funny thing about food: the more stress I see or recognize, the more I think about food.

I’m reading Marcus Samuelsson’s great memoir, speaking of food, and writing about East Africa.  What wonders!



2 thoughts on “It Gets Better and Better

  1. Scott, thanks for sending this. Good to hear from you. Been getting coffee from Porto Rico for about twenty years. Always terrific. How are you doing?

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