Every Day Is Not the Same

I hope you realize that each day brings showers of events.  Whether it’s the minutia of Voyage autour de ma chambre, the brilliant novel by Xavier de Maistre, or something grand, if you pay attention, like a dog, you pick up on all sorts of changes.  And what’s glorious about dogs, and other clever beasts, is that they observe the world around them rather than the one within.  That’s a lesson for some humans who seem to think that the world they inhabit is the real world.

Why, I know some humans who operate on these two principles: They only love what they see of themselves in others.  When they detect a difference–and they are vigilant detectives–they despite it.

You will never see a dog act that way.

Nor will you see botany respond to challenges by attacking its environs.  No, plants exercise a search for water and sunlight.

Otherwise?  Otherwise, as Pynchon notes gleefully: Entropy.

Today’s shower will include: A good pasta dish, turkey meatloaf on a pretzel roll, and some advancement in my burgeoning work about my Ethiopian childhood.

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