A Calm Before the Storm

I’m not saying I’m Cassandra or anything like her, nor am I one to prognosticate, I’m more of a do the math kind of guy, a Nate Silver-ish person who embraces evidence and numbers.  That said, all kinds of  stuff–bad stuff–is about to happen–really bad stuff–and you know what?

There is nothing anyone can do about.  Not a thing.  Not a damned thing.

So I’m stocking up.

Got my Dutch herring, loin lox, belly lox, horseradish creamed cheese.  Go, Russ & Daughters, go.

This afternoon, or maybe even earlier?  Three Amish chickens, four  Amish poussin, two L.I. duck breasts, and four pounds of “waygu” style ground beef arrive.  Yo, DeBragga!  I’m talking to you.  This is the N.J.-based outfit that supplies to the top tier restaurants in NYC.  You want recipes?  Fuhgedaboutit. Here’s the secret: Buy the best ingredients you can afford, learn how to use salt and pepper, develop knife skills, buy wooden spoons, get old school cast iron pans, and figure out when something is done cooking.

Meanwhile, what’s that I hear?  Is it a low whistle?  The sound of a high wind?  You know it’s true: You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind is blowing.

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