Crunch, Crunch, Crunch

This morning was the first of many to follow, no doubt, when stepping on sidewalks under the oaks, or near them, will call to mind what it is like to stroll on a beach with seashells.  The acorns are blanketing the cement, dozens of squirrels are in heated competition.

For the first time in nearly a year: Two trees have light yellow leaves.  Last night? Dark at 7:30.

All this bodes well for those among us who don’t go outdoors much, unless it’s to walk the dogs (thanks to them for bringing nature so close and immediate), go to the gym, or shop for groceries.

Speaking of which, it’s been kind of a Vegan Kingdom here lately.  Well, nearly.  Gazpacho every night, fried tofu every other night, eggplant parmigiano now and then.

I tend to eat high fat foods when experiencing stress: Nothing like a slice with sausage and onion to dispel gravity.  But lately, say about ten months, I might as well open a pizza joint.

Better to eat veg and count acorns.

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