Heading East

Of course, the big news is that my most recent piece on Japan appeared in this morning’s Boston Globe:


But more than that, obviously: “The Grandmaster.”  My goodness, it was wonderful, vaulting immediately into my top ten pictures of all time.  Because of its high and low qualities, sly humor, gorgeous sound, gorgeous visuals, and twists and turns emotionally.  I loved the concept: Being, Knowing, Doing.  And that life is either Vertical or Horizontal.  Most of all: The silences, Beckett-like. And how, as was true for Beckett, it was war that led him to the understanding that silence is needed.

Yes, it will be fried tofu in hoisin and sesame seeds, poached halibut with ginger and scallions, pork in black bean sauce, and cold soba noodles tossed with cucumber and tahini.

Heading east, indeed.

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