What’s that Whistling Sound?

I’m in the makeshift bunker beside my 2000’s and a Bunsen burner, first frying butter and then adding chopped onions, waiting until they turn translucent, and then adding whipped eggs to be scrambled.  Did I mention bacon?  I did not.  There is bacon.  (Original title: “There will be blood,” but given the Day-Lewis movie and the events to be described below somehow it didn’t seem right.)

Meanwhile, once the Tomahawks hit their targets, and the Iranians fire back, the proxy war will enter a new phase of blockades in straits and gulfs, diminished access to oil will raise prices leading to stagnation and the loss of more jobs, polarization, despair, etc.  Etc. here is key.  We’ll all get used to it.

I think it’s All Clear now, they turned the sirens on: That wailing sound is rhythmic, in waves, and while plaintive still carries a degree of reassurance.


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