Hunger Pangs

It’s Day Ten of being solo, and the good news is that I’ve written an essay on food and memory that will appear soon at a fancy-pants web site, finished a revised book proposal on Japanese cooking, sold four articles on Japanese culture, written an introduction to a talk about Zen principles in restaurant kitchens, and finished the first draft of the first half of a memoir about having been adopted as a child from Ethiopia.

The reading has been good, too: A friend in Kanazawa has turned me onto Suzuki’s hubristic work on Zen and Japanese culture, and Danticat’s novel on Claire in Haiti?  Both are very fine.  Next up is Ronald Blyth’s, “A Time by the Sea.”  He wrote “Akenfeld,” and his style is clean and his observations specific and, wow, he’s ninety.

Between bouts of reading and writing, there are the pots of turkey and black bean with sheared kernels of corn chili, fried tofu squares in hoisin and sambal oelek, and grilled chicken sausages.  The cooking is swift: Italian and American.


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