The Mushroom Festival and Other Seasonal Stuff

I took time off this past week from online shopping–folks, only 76 days left to buy our loved ones this year’s Christmas presents–in order to purchase yet another small box of mushrooms and, bonus, a black truffle from  Wow.  That’s right, wow!

One pound of matsutake, one pound of chanterelles, and an ounce of a truffle.  It is enough for five dinners for three people and, do the math, at $100 for everything that’s about $7 per person.  We’re talking spinach and cheese ravioli tossed with chanterelles, whole grain bread toasted with Gruyere and chanterelles, risotto and chanterelles, matsutake and blue fin tuna, matsutake in miso broth, Robuchon style mashed potatoes with shaved black truffles, and hirame with matsutake.

Beats burgers, which are never out of season, and are running in Boston restaurants at between $17 to $21 a pop.

Why, just the other day I was in a restaurant before seeing the bombastic, “All the Way,” talk about Much Ado About Nothing the play ought to have been called, “An Opportunist Never Misses An Opportunity,” and the parade of $14 cocktails (three ounce pour), $17 club sandwich, and an ocean salmon, whatever that is, and bang!  $135 for two.

Why, that’s enough for a week’s worth of mushroom dinners with enough money left to buy thirty five scratch tickets, which we all know makes a great stocking stuffer.


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