Song for Albany


They don’t call it the capital of the Empire state for nothing.  Inch for inch, the food in Albany, New York trumps bigger cities in quality and value.  Take that Boston with your $14 cocktails and oxtail ravioli!

I started with Ragonese on New Scotland Avenue : A great, old school Italian grocery store and deli.  A chicken parm sub the size of a big baby’s arm.  Folks, delicious doesn’t describe this.  Try: Really or very delicious.  Closer.  Toast the roll next time and lines will be out the door.

Dinner?  Well, after the sub a light meal was in order so I returned to Dinosaur BBQ in nearby Troy for fried green tomatoes, a pulled pork sandwich, a half rack of ribs, and sides of creamy man ‘n’ cheese and collards.  This joint trumps any BBQ in the aforementioned city that is too busy selling $19 hamburgers made of choice beef.

Today it’ll be the redoubtable Jack’s diner for a contender for the world’s best turkey Club.

Oh, Albany, Albany, your treasures yield such bounty!


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