Food in the News!

First, the sad news, really, of the death of Hans Riegel (90), who was the scion and marketing man behind gummi bears.  Was there ever a better candy?  Of course not!

Then the news, speaking of marketing, that food companies are introducing honey to products to sell them.  Hey, sugar is sugar, but isn’t it it nice to see bees at work?

Then, in Boston, a round-up in today’s paper of where to get ramen around town.  Folks, in Japan?  Ramen is eaten by teens and people in their twenties and that’s about it.  Thing is, it’s so salty and filled with fat that unless you’re very young or you’ve been drinking, why bother?  It’s cheap, filling, and immediately satisfying.  One of the joints in the round-up is a militant pork place in Porter Square, Cambridge, where the owner won’t allow portions to be shared or taken home.  We’re talking massive bowls of pork broth.  Thanks?  No thanks.

More to the point: A light miso soup with sheared corn kernels and chanterelles followed by steamed bok choy and broiled hirame.  Where?  Here of course.

Give me gummi bears or give me hirame!

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