Never mind about the Ninja dinner: Yes, it was dangerous, but we all survived.  Prior, it was a top secret meeting at the JR office @ Tokyo Station and…oh, damn, now the secret is out!

Prior, it was a lavish dinner @ Park Hyatt, NY Grill, views, beef, bourbon, and sides.  Is there a nicer room on earth?  I didn’t think so.

Prior, gin-rik-sha, also known as human-powered-vehicle.  A view of the biggest tourist attraction in Tokyo–Asakusa Gate–(Seriously?  Seriously?), where I’d been only 32 months prior, and then raw fish and did I mention the Ninjas?

Today at least was eventful: Huge bonita flakes and Hokkaido konbu, that’s for Boston home cooking, a hunger strike at a tofu restaurant that did not fully attend to a shellfish problem, and later a visit to a crafts center.  Do you want kangaroo leather sneakers made in Hiroshima?  I can tell you where to buy them.

And now, on the 28th Floor of Conrad, the huge Tokyo harbor in view, enjoying news of my umami piece in Travel + Leisure Southeast Asia, which appeared just this morning, as I sip a gin Martini.

Never mind is right.

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