Culture Day in Japan

Back in the day, 文化の日 (Bunka no Hi) was a holiday to celebrate Emperor Meiji’s birthday.  Then it was known as 天長節.  After a hiatus, it started up again in 1948, and now it marks the announcement of the Japanese constitution.

So nowadays it means arts celebrations, weddings, and lots of families out and about.

Wandering around yesterday, and on the subways, it seemed as if it was a baby convention here in Tokyo.  Did everyone decide at the same time when to give birth?

Lunch was a quiet, delicious meal of soba near a Takeshimaya outside the city center.

In between was a performance by the remarkable Kenny Garrett before an audience of the most attentive jazz listeners I’ve ever seen.  People listened.

Did I mention buying two kilo of this years’s rice harvest from Niigata and Hokkaido?  You buy it brown, they polish it then and there.  Try this later on with homemade miso broth and fresh matsutake.

To cap it off?  Dinner with friends at a hidden kaiseki style place in Ginza: Matsutake broth with steamed anago, fresh tofu, and small portions of broiled chicken and grilled pork belly.  Three types of sake.

文化の日comes but once a year.

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