A Cure for Jet Lag

Oh, sure, a cure for jet lag.  Very simple: Embrace exhaustion, drink lots of water, take naps.

Meanwhile, post Japan, having arrived in Boston late yesterday afternoon, and made my way home by subway and on foot, it was hours, post fire, post pizza, before I settled in.

It takes at least a week before my taste buds lose the memory of food in Japan.  Until that time, everything tastes kind of bland.

So we’re talking pizza and pasta and prayers.

2 thoughts on “A Cure for Jet Lag

  1. very interesting. but why exactly is the japanese food so impressive? why exactly does it take your taste buds a week to let go from it? is it more complex? is it the umami? are the products simply fresher, more honest, less processed? it’s true, i loved every bite i ate during that one month back then. and i have days when i remember specific bites and my mouth does start salivating just by the 20 year old memories.

    • The good stuff is crazy fresh–so seasonal in some instances that it’s a product, you could say, of a micro-season of just a few days. Then, too, the precise attention to detail yields results: I have French meals in Tokyo and Neapolitan pizzas better than at most restaurants in places of origin. It’s the opposite of complex: It is simplicity and refinement, and by refinement I mean a thing’s essence. You might compare it to a Monk tune that leaves in just the notes needed or late Klee with lines. It is a culture in which historically the military and priest caste were in charge so, in the worst instances, it led to religious militarism. In the best cases, like gastronomy, it leads to a sense of purpose and conviction.

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