Back in the Bean

We’re talking pizza, from the wonderful Otto in Harvard Square to the even more wonderful Posto in Davis Square, and when we’re not talking about pizza, we’re at home making turkey chili and burgers.  Keep it simple.  Please.  Keep it simple.

Much of my thinking about this and related matters was encapsulated in a piece in The Boston Globe this week on the difficulty that chefs and restaurant owners are having in this area in hiring cooks and waitstaff.  Let’s see: Ingredients usually not as good as what’s available to home cooks prepared and served by staff that isn’t highly skilled consistently.

You go ahead and drop $200 for dinner.  I’ll stick to pizza.

On a happier note, and still in keeping with home cooking, I ordered my birds for The Big Day.  Seventy dollars gets you two 12-14 pounders, one being the Whole Foods brand and the other Plainville.  I saw that Heirlooms are clocking in at about $75 per bird for 12-14 pounds, but you have got to be kidding.

Sausage, onions, mozzarella, and good tomato sauce on well baked dough from a Blodgett.  Trust me.

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