The Ides of November

Yes, I know you know: 39 shopping days left until Christmas, where does the time go?  But I’m not worried and you shouldn’t be either, not when there’s the Internet and you can get something for that special someone within minutes without leaving your home.

How does retail survive?  Right, I know: Men’s and women’s shoes, certain items of clothing, but books?  Music?  Gift certificates?  Bacon from Kentucky?

OK, sure, if you want that wine or spirits, it means, and I hate to say it, a conversation that can last up to a hour with a salesperson.

But by and large, it’s one website after another and with a little research the folks in our family will be delighted.

What am I talking about?  I’m talking about dried fruits and nuts from Bella Viva, bacon from Father’s, salmon from Browne Trading, cheeses from Murray’s, beef from Snake River or DeBragga, and of course Amazon for everything not nailed down.


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