Are we in Japan?

Of course not.  Don’t be ridiculous.  What I mean is: When we apply contextual understanding or appreciation of behavior and actions, what we come up with is a way of seeing the world that isn’t Western, per se.  Here’s one example: The situation is stressful, but you need not be stressed in it.  Ah, so des ne, very Japanese!

Take “Tokyo Story,” the 1953 classic.  Saw it for the first time last night.  Parents visit kids in Tokyo only eight years after the bombings.  What’s said isn’t what’s thought and so on.

With food it’s much the same: It is the taste of the the thing or ingredient that matters most, not its origin or place in history.


Although last night we’re talking thick pea soup with chicken sausages preceded by two kinds of Gouda grilled on dark bread.  If that doesn’t say Holland, what does?

But, again, the context has changed and so the meal last night was changed by its appearance at my home in the U.S.


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