NYC Restaurant Report: This Just In…this just in…This…just…in…

It began simply enough with a an Emmental and ham croissant and strong black coffee while standing at Dean and Deluca on West Broadway.  Stroll, stroll, stroll, no crowds, no yet, not before noon.

Uptown to Rotisserie Georgette for a formidable lunch at my friend G’s new place: We’re talking superb consommé  that was rich and balanced with depth, and roasted chicken that was juicy and firm with crispy skin.  Good Pinot Noir from Burgundy, too.  That night?  Esca rocked it: Pounded blue fin carpaccio with white truffles, tagliatelle with white truffles, and Dover sole pan seared.  Nuts, completely nuts.  In a good way.

Today was Perla.  Wonderful vegetables and then orecchiette with a pesto of broccoli rape and sausages.  Tonight?  Chicken parm from Parm.

Oh, and first-rate Beckett, “All that Fall,” and, “Waiting for Godot,” both on the same day.



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