It’s a scant six days until Christmas, and the pantry is filling up, and the refrigerator is, too, and the freezer is chock-full.  But are we ready?  Are you ready?

The ducks arrive on the twenty-third.  Rohan ducks, that’s right, and I think that will be a very nice way to spend the Eve.  In previous years, we’d dabbled here in The Feast of Seven Fishes, but seven is six too many, don’t you think?  Unless it’s a big, pre-war, southern Italian family, one will do.

On XMAS itself?  I’ve got a waygu beef tenderloin, courtesy of Snake River Farms, that I’ll pan sear for a crust and then roast at low temps for a brief period.  Mashed potatoes, Robuchon style, which means baby Yukons boiled, then peeled, then put through a ricer, and then back on the stove in a pot with a little warm milk, salt, and butter.

Organic, GMO, local, sustainable?  Puh-leeze.  Sometimes I look around a bar or restaurant and wonder: What would the cooks and servers be doing if food had not become such a big deal?  Sales.  It’s all about marketing and for that to take place, you need a brand.  And to have a brand, you need to highlight or invent characteristics that may or may not mean anything.

I’d rather stick to words like: Duck, waygu beef tenderloin, and XMAS.

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