Food Trends & Predictions 2014

Not every year is eventful, and 2013 ’round these parts was more like a Sunday morning in South Dakota waiting for the sun to come up then it was staying up all night in some big city.  Nothing much happened one way or another.  The chickens were prepped, the oven was lit, the food was eaten.

Except for my book, “Back of the House,” that is!

2014 will be different.

We’ll see more pan-Asian vegetarian restaurants.  Jean Georges Vongerichten is opening a veg version of ABC kitchen, for example, and when chefs figure out the huge profit in vegetables compared to meat and fish and poultry, more will follow.

The whole-to-do about GMOs (genetically modified organisms) will get bigger: Soon, yes, we’ll follow the decade old E.U. practice of labeling GMO foods and discover that over 90% of processed foods and most dairy products and tomatoes and breads are GMO.  So what?  There is no science behind anything being harmful about GMOs, but it’s a fine, industry-driven distraction, ironically, that keeps us from:

Wages for restaurant employees.  This is especially problematic for minimum wage workers, but up the ladder, so to speak, you have floor staff and line cooks living on $20,000-$30,000 and trying to pay back loans, make rent, get health insurance, and save for the future.

On a personal note, it’s likely that my books will be written and sold.  We’re talking a book on Japanese home cooking and another on growing up Ethiopian in New Jersey and making my way through kitchens.


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