New Year, Fresh Snow

Over a foot out there, and it’s lovely, and the two Bernese mountain dogs on their 28-foot leashes are grateful and look happy as they roll and chase in it.  After the park, after the shoveling, we’re talking onions in a Russ & Daughters bialy with belly lox and Amish butter.

One resolution leads to another each year and I suppose if half are met, we are good.  Me, I’m seeking funds to dig a parallel canal to the one in Panama with lower tariffs that should line my pocket.  That and an organic salmon fishery in South Boston where the bright orange eggs can be harvested and sold to sushi seekers.  Finally, a food truck selling snacks for pets, from parakeets to Siamese cats.

But more pragmatically I’m well stocked: Chickens, poussin, lamb, beef, and bacon.  Chick peas, split peas, black beans.  Spices from sambal oelek to Jamaican curry.  Bok choy, red onions, Brussels sprouts, and small, orange peppers.

One must be prepared for contingencies.

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