What Will 2014 Bring?

Lots of big developments, that’s for sure.

This week alone:

1.  SUNTORY bought Jim Beam Bourbon.  The Japanese spirits company now becomes the world’s third largest liquor company.  What this means is increased centralization of taste and an implied homogeneity.

2.  GMOs and marketing.  Big food companies, as of this week, are now taking the lead in labeling which of their products are genetically modified and which are not.  The non-GMOs will be priced higher.  There is zero evidence that GMOs are in any way harmful, but so what?  Some people will pay more for the non-GMO product.  Ironically, these were the same companies that fought the California law that would have mandated GMO labeling.

3.  Divisions in Dining: You’ll see more really cheap places to eat and several crazy expensive, impossible to get into restaurants.  In-between, average checks in cities will go to about $95 per couple for two cocktails, at $14 or so each, appetizers from $11 up, and entrees $21-28.  We’re talking lots of pork, offal, and cheap cuts of beef.  High in salt, high in fat, turn the tables over.

4.  More interest will be generated in home cooking.  Here’s a secret: Stop trying to cook new dishes or food you read about and instead work on perfecting at most a dozen dishes using top ingredients so that you can avoid eating at about 95% of the restaurants serving second rate food.



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