On Sunday it was more eating.  The great thing about good food is one is often satisfied with reasonable portions rather than the gargantuan stuff that often shows up on plates.

At Tribeca Grill it was a delicious onion soup followed by a turkey Club and fries.  Crispy bacon and low on the salt.  The room is designed for conversation and of that there was plenty.  Eight of us for over two hours.  Drew Nieporent, the owner, has arranged matters here for talk: It’s a hang out for those involved in the Tribeca Film Festival, and I am always happy here.

Later that night, we found ourselves at Alimentari Il Buco on Great Jones.  It’s one of my favorite restaurants in town.  Delicious house cured meat, spaghetti with bottargo, a room with long tables and a delightful neighborhood feel to it.

Finally, at least for now, a stop at Second Avenue Deli.  This is the world’s best deli, and the drill is simple, I’ve been following it for decades: Corned beef and pastrami on rye, two Cel Rey’s, a side of baked beans. Fine, so it was a very large portion, but so wonderful that I won’t eat again for another eight hours, at which point:

It’s supplies from Eataly.  Namely: Spinach stuffed, house made pansotti with red cow parmigiano, black pepper, and pan seared radicchio.




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