Food News: Farms to Cocktails

Great piece in today’s NYT on organic farming.  It’s in the Business section, of course, as many of the best pieces on food are:  Geezers gather at Esalen to talk about the struggles and glories of farming.  What’s cool about the story, ironically, are the ways in which the farmers don’t talk much about science.  It was never about science for them, but rather a way of life.  So, yes, enjoy organic farming for its alternative message: Anti-big business, pro-small networks of insular communities.  Ultimately, by closing down channels of communication, the organic farmers offer a retro, white man’s view of the world.  Not a single woman is quoted in the article and there are no people of color.  But, hey, no pesticides!

On a completely unrelated topic, my latest piece on Japan:  Cocktails in the big city!  Ichigo-ichie!  Creating moments that are here today and gone tomorrow.  Like that old Stones song, “No Expectations”: “Our love is like our music. It’s here and then it’s gone.”

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