Where To Find Great Pizza

Pizza is the doughnut of meals: You start with the basic baked dough and add cheese and tomato sauce.  Kind of like the “Old Fashioned” served at Dunk’s. Dining out starts with the premise that you have choices.  You go out solo or with a group and can add this or that to what’s being ordered.

Speaking of ordering: Where else during the course of a day do most people get to order anything?

It’s a military model, dining is, about orders, brigades, and telling people what to do.

Which brings us back to pizza.

You walk into a pizzeria and order a slice with…whatever you fancy.  Never mind that it all more or less tastes the same.  Tell that to the guy in front of you in line at Dunk’s dithering over a Bavarian cream filled doughnut or a glazed Bavarian chocolate filled doughnut.  What makes these Bavarian, anyway?

Back to pizza.

So in Boston where the food trends of 2014–I kid you not–are burgers, fried chicken, and pizza, what’s great?

(Fried chicken?  That’s a food trend?  Seriously?  Is there an easier and cheaper food to sell?  $17-$24 for 1/2 a fried chicken that cost the restaurant a buck-fifty?  Wait, there’s burgers!  That’s even more profitable.)

Meanwhile: pizza.

Interestingly, for all the new joints that opened in Boston within the past year the best pizzerias have been around a very long time.

We’re talking about:

1. Galleria Umberto.  Simply the best Sicilian slices outside of Palermo.  (With apologies to Sullivan Street Bakery in Hell’s Kitchen.)  No choices.  Cheese, tomato.  Pay, sit down.  NORTH END

2. Santarpio’s.  Where the pies are one size, toppings hidden under the cheese, sold for take out in a back room that looks like it belongs in a Scorsese movie still.  EAST BOSTON

3.  T. Anthony’s.  This is the finest example of NYC/NJ style pizza in the area.  Thin slices, delicious cheese, tang to the tomato sauce.  BROOKLINE




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