Japan in Winter

Tokyo is to snow as D.C. is to snow: Sure, it was the “worst” snowfall here “in forty years,” according to published news reports, but it wasn’t much, not by New England standards nor those of northern Japan where, in places like Niigata and Hokkaido, ten or twelve feet per winter is not unusual.

Things slowed down.

Things will slow down more today as well due to it being a national holiday related to national pride.

Good thing, too, because the intensity and energy of Tokyo are always on the edge of being overwhelming.

Yesterday it was spectacular Neopolitan pizza for lunch at a place I’ve visited before, back in November, where the cheese, olive oil, and tomatoes are all from Japan and the baked dough?  Well, you may as well be in Naples.  Truly one of the best pies in the world.

Later, after a long mid-day nap, it was sukiyaki at a tiny, hidden place.  Delicious, marbled beef in thin slices cooked with a bit of soy and onions and mushrooms and dipped in eggs and washed down with beer and then sake.  Did we eat too much?  We ate too much.

This morning it’s a long train ride to the mountains for three nights at two different inns where we will attempt to do nothing except bathe and eat very lightly.


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