Food Trends: March, 2014 and Beyond

First of all, save money on the Acela if you’re Boston based.  NYC dining is coming to town.  We already have the Ken Himmel, NYC based investor, here, what with the very estimable Grill 23 as well as Bistro du Midi, Post 290, and Harvest.  Next up?

Shake Shack opened in Harvard Square.

On the horizon?

Bar Boulud in the Fall, Eataly within the year.

The impact of all this will be huge.  It’s bigger than Hamersley’s opening 28 years ago and giving the city its first open kitchen serving American interpretations of French classics by way of California refinement.

No, this will be bigger in several specific ways:

1.  People looking to get state-of-the-art training now have the opportunity to do so without leaving town.  This means, too, that local chefs and GMs looking to hire talent will have to compete against the empires from NYC that offer the better training opportunities.  Those that train with the new folks will have access to their global outposts.

2.  Local “Italian” and “French” and  burger joints will have to face kitchens that actually are producing the real thing rather than what a chef thinks might be fun.

3. Cooks and waitstaff who train at the new places will, over time, open their own places, and raise the bar all over town.

All in all, it’s a good thing for consumers especially.  The local restaurant industry?  Not so much.  But you can bank on that local industry working with local critics to put down the “interlopers.”  Can’t you see the reviews now?  “Not as good as his reputation.”





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