Where To Eat Well

It was a strange feeling last night looking over the Dining section of The New York Tines, and seeing a very good, lively, detailed piece on Richie Torrisi, by the very estimable Jeff Gordinier, and then a second piece on Rotisserie Georgette by Pete Wells.  Strange because I know the chef and restaurant owner pretty well, and it’s odd to know people privately and see them in a public light.  Both pieces captured accurately the strengths and knowledge of Richie Torrisi and Georgette Farkas.

Torrisi’s PARM sells the chicken parm of one’s imagination.  At least my imagination: It’s served on a good roll with good sauce and that chicken?  It’s good.

Farkas’s chickens are moist with crisped skin and served in a delightful, low-key and yet fancy pants room.

Closer to home, it’s Heat versus Celtics tonight and slim pickings for a pre-game meal.  How many pubs can I go to before it’s quits?  Steak tips?  Never had ’em.  Wings?  Did that last time.  Pizza, burgers, fries?  Go ahead, it’s on me.

How about a good plate of pasta that’s not overly salted and costs less than twenty bucks?


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