Stepping Out

Is there a better place than the Boston/Cambridge nexus for bakeries and pizza and all around inexpensive food perfect for snacks and lunches?  I didn’t think so.

Just yesterday in the food court at the front of Super 88 in Allston the array of Taiwanese, Vietnamese, Chinese, Indian, and Korean joints offered up great sounds and aromas.  Ginger, garlic, soy, onions.

And all over town we find bakeries, new and old, with first rate breads and pastries.

Pizza is showing up everywhere.  And why not?  Do the math.  For about $1, the kitchen sells a product that can run about $20.  Now that’s a good business plan.

More broadly, it’s a region with sleepy, busy academics who eat at all hours what’s placed in front of them.  Spicy or big, as long as it’s plentiful and fun, why not?

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