This Week in The World of Food

Today’s top story: Page 3, NY Times, great piece on Flowers Foods, the company that makes Wonder Bread, Tastykakes, and “Nature’s Own.”  The piece notes that “more than 99% of its political contributions since 1979 have gone to Republicans.”  That’s the company’s prerogative, of course, but think about what you buy and where the money is going.

Speaking of money: The Guardian reports today that a hike to $15 as a minimum wage in Seattle is opposed by Starbucks CEO, Howard Schultz.  The Seattle-based company wants the money to expand its businesses.  Schultz’s net worth is reported in the piece to be $1.6 billion.  Let them drink latte.

On a more mundane level, the NY Times reported yesterday on the spectacular things being done to vegetables at L’Arpege, a three *** Michelin restaurant, in Paris.  I agree completely, and said so 11 years when reporting on exactly the same topic in Robb Report.  I noted Chef Passard then as way ahead of the curve on his treatment of vegetables.

Even more pragmatically: Mesquite smoked tortellini, burgers, plates piled high, and pizza!  That’s what it’s like in a certain city at a certain time.  Where’s the fish?

Back to money, right?  It’s easier to make money selling burgers and offal and “creative” cuts of cheap meat then it is to coax flavors from ingredients that cost the kitchen more.

Get that chef a business plan.

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