Food Policies

I’m not naming names, but have a look at the chefs weighing in on farm policies, GMOs, and what-not.  Not a peep on raising the minimum wage.  Look, no one’s saying that increasing yield in a sustainable way isn’t important (it is)–whatever sustainability means in a broad, agreed upon sense–but without living wages for the producers and servers of food it’s all moot.

I mean: Say we label GMOs.  And end subsidies on crops that are over-produced.  And create an infrastructure of an ongoing network between the agricultural base–not just the farms–and the consumer.

So what?

Without parity in income that enables the producers and food servers to participate in the overall process of consumption, it’s a show for those who can afford the price of getting in.

Seriously: Read the business sections of newspapers and online sources.  That’s where the stories are, not in the colossal distractions of marketing terms.  The entities that profit most from food production are thrilled down to their toes to hear and see the debates regarding GMOs, farm to table changes, etc.  Just don’t bring up money.

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