The Myriad Things

My goodness, but it’s a barrage of events, realized and observed, that get in the way of or otherwise create new experiences.  How do any of us manage?

Whether it’s the new and extremely good H Mart in Central Square that, unfortunately, blasts cacophonous music in its food hall, which makes eating there impossible, or the ways in which each and every day the trees in this neighborhood literally change in appearance, where does everything fit?

Clearly I am reading too much Knausgaard.  But it’s a good thing, especially for a writer, as his attentiveness and fearlessness is unparalleled in most work, factual or fictional, and he also compels the reader to slow down and observe.

Here’s a great line from Book Two: “(My) country-cousin gullibility might well cast doubt on opinions but never on the premise of these opinions, and hence never asked whether ‘the critical’ really was critical, whether ‘the radical’ really was radical, whether ‘the good’ really was good, things that all intelligent people do as soon as they escape the clutches of the self-intoxicated and emotional-laden views of youth…”


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