The Swiss Experience

Unlike some places or cultures, where the context defines behaviors, Switzerland for the most part, with one glaring exception, is a nation in which people go about their business headstrong and unyielding.

(The exception is the mountains where it is impossible to allow one’s perceptions, moods, thoughts, or feelings dictate the terms of experience.  That doesn’t stop the Swiss from trying.)

The result of Swiss focus can be found in a broad fascination for engineering as a means of twisting the environment to conform to human needs.  Unlike some countries, like Japan, which I know best after this place, Switzerland, through its citizens, seeks mastery of nature.

On a practical level, this means an infrastructure unparalleled (and aided by government mandated allocation of moony to the public sector, yet another irony in a nation notorious for being a haven of tax evaders in their own countries; the tax evaded capital is used, in part, to build a public infrastructure here!).

Even more practically, we are talking about the world’s best breads and cheeses.  Why, only yesterday my old friend Rolf Beeler, Switzerland’s top cheese maker, sold me chunks of his Gruyere, Emmental, Stanser Flada, and a craze good Glarus cheese.  To say nothing of the Willy Schmidt blue.

Sometimes challenging nature rather than trying to refine it has its gustatory rewards.

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