Another Day, Another Mountain

The day started with farm Speck and two large eggs mixed with Gruyere fried in Swiss butter and then Muesli and hazelnut yoghurt and blood orange juice and good strong coffee.

Then we took a Gondelbahn up the mountain and started a walk to the west along a ridge that went through forests and pastures with a view of the very majestic Glarus alps with Todi, the highest peak, flat at the top.

Along the way, we stopped and ate rolls from the village bakery with alpine cheese, smoked ham, and Emmental.

Heading east, we came to a narrow summit with views south, east, and west.  Below was a lake and a dairy farm, and the sound of cow bells mixed with that of birds chirping.

At the end, we took hot showers and then drank Most–hard cider, about 4.5%–which we enjoyed with pretzels from the village store on a small, cement deck overlooking the mountains.


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