Swiss Mountains and Valleys

The rain fell heavily and steadily until about eleven this morning, but undeterred we left the fog enshrouded flat and started a long walk to Unterboden.  The rain got lighter, it got heavier, it stopped, it started again.

We climbed up through deciduous forests and found ourselves in an alpine cluster of huts where cows and herders stay the summer.  The fog hid the cows and then they reappeared; peaks with fresh snow towered above us, and the jagged tops looked like black shark’s teeth.

We descended into a valley and crossed from our canton, which is Glarus, into another canton: Uri.  Uri is one of my favorite cantons: it’s wild in landscape, its people are earthy and pleasant and rather talkative, and the vibe is that of Switzerland untrammeled.

We reached the village: Unterboden.  The schedule I’d been given today by the post office indicated that a bus would take us back to Braunwald at 4:45, but it was incorrect!  A misprint!  How unlike the Swiss.

Instead, we had to want until 5:50.  The drawback was not getting back in time to shop for groceries and wine.  The advantage was visiting a new, local dairy and buying yoghurt and milk; and, going to a local pub-restaurant and enjoying beers and soup in view of the long valley.

So tonight it’s teetotaling with bucatini, chanterelles, and young onions tossed in butter and Sbrinz.

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